Superfine! breaks down the preconceived notion of what makes an art collector. We believe that the single qualifying criteria is the excitement we all feel when we stumble across a new artist or a piece that triggers just the right feeling. We created our Collectors' Society as a means to extend those opportunities to the entire year and provide seasoned collectors with a refreshing new perspective while cultivating and encouraging art appreciators in Miami, NYC, Mexico City, and around the globe.

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Want unfettered access to the freshest original artwork by the world's most dynamic artists?

Apply and receive:

  • Early and total access to Superfine! and our Collectors' Society First Look at all Superfine! fairs + exhibitions
  • Complimentary access to art experiences throughout the year
  • Private tours of artist studios and other difficult-to-access spaces
  • Perks at our partner institutions, museums, and galleries
  • Early sneak peeks at the Superfine! E-Fair (you get to choose before anyone else does!)
  • Invitations and complimentary admission to semi-annual Superfine! collectors + artists' dinners in Miami, New York, Mexico City, and cities around the globe