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A Collectors’ Market

We began as collectors, wanting to see a change in the market. A transparent market breeds buyer trust, and that’s what we achieve through each Superfine! fair in each city. Artists and galleries thrive in our ecosystem - one built on transparent pricing, accessible price points, and a warm, welcoming fair atmosphere. Art fairs should be a place of discovery - where the fresh perspectives of new contemporary artists are outshone only by their and their representatives’ professionalism.

So that’s Superfine! - no back-door haggling, no inflated pricing, and certainly no snobbery. We make art collecting enjoyable and accessible to all without sacrificing quality and curation. Full-scale, professional art fairs, without the BS - that’s what we’re all about.

Discover us and our artists in a city near you.


The art-world antidote to 'the bloated, over-sized art fair model'


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