Make art. Sell art. We do the rest.


Curation - our experts help you curate to sell. Isolate ideal price points, create winning layouts, + curate strategically for art sales success. As art fairs for individual artists, Superfine! fairs provide that extra bit of training that helps you succeed.


Marketing - our marketing is targeted, data-driven, and reaches an audience of pre-qualified buyers: eager, affluent 26-45 year olds with high purchase intent and high disposable income.


Education - webinars, in-fair sales seminars by art marketing pros, and expert guidance are just a few of the ways our art fairs for individual artists help you learn how to sell art before, during, and after each fair.

We created better art fairs for emerging artists that allow you to connect directly with collectors, sell your art, and establish a stronger collector network. 


Hi! We’re Alex Mitow and James Miille, the co-founders of Superfine! Art Fair. When we started Superfine! back in 2015, James’ art career was just beginning. Those first steps with fraught with peril: “bad actor” gallerists promising big dollars without delivering, waste-of-time submission-based projects that bordered on outright scams, and group shows that were more about friends drinking free booze than actual art sales for emerging artists.

At the same time, we were going to lots of fairs and art shows as visitors and — more and more frequently — as collectors. Most of the time, the experience was unrelatable to us and so many of our friends. Not only were the artists not present, but it just didn’t seem like anyone was actually having a good time around the art — or really buying it. The whole thing just felt boring, stuffy, exclusive, and inefficient — even for people who really love art. Most of the art fairs for emerging artists weren’t well curated and didn’t hold the allure we wanted to see. At the same time, emerging artists struggled with basic questions like how to meet art collectors.

There had to be a better way.

As both artists and collectors, we wanted to find a better way for regular people to connect directly with artists and support their work, while showing artists how to sell art and — most importantly — how to replace their job income with art income. That’s how Superfine! was born: art fairs for individual artists where they gain the tools to build a market for themselves, saving time, energy, and stress while allowing real people to discover, connect with, and support our artist community’s life work. As we’ve expanded to cities across the country: NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, and now San Francisco we’ve proven that the artist-to-buyer connection is at the center of a sustainable art market. In just 4 or 5 days, our artists meet more collectors than they were in an entire year, and 75% of our surveyed visitors say meeting the artist is their favorite part of attending each Superfine! Art Fair.

More than any other art fair for emerging artists, our team is passionate and committed to helping you, the artist, make more sales, build a stronger collector network, and generate the income and attention you deserve. We look forward to bucking art world convention with you, welcoming you to our business artist community, and winning an excited new audience for your work at our art fairs for individual artists around the US!

—Alex and James

You’re the art-making expert. We’re the art-marketing experts. Art fairs for artists where you reach goals.

Webinars + in-fair sales seminars by art market pros help you profit from your newfound knowledge during and after each fair.

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Social media support + guidance by expert online curators. Learn how to maximize your web presence and benefit from ours.

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Jet-fuel your career with lifetime value takeaways. Build a career + collector list around our six-city (and growing!) circuit.

Pretension-free. Marketing-driven. Results oriented. Find out why we’re considered one of the best art fairs for artists in the world.


“Superfine! has been a life-changing experience that throttled my career and created so many new relationships with artists, collectors, curators, galleries and journalists that I still benefit from to this day.”

– Sean Christopher Ward, Miami ‘17 + ‘18, NYC ‘17 + ‘18, DC ‘18 + ‘19, LA ‘19

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"The art-world antidote to 'the bloated, over-sized art fair model'"

– Sarah Cascone & Caroline Goldstein

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“a traveling art fair giving the traditional model of selling and acquiring art a run for its money

Sam Manzella


"My Superfine experience was instrumental for my growth as an artist. The opportunity to engage directly with collectors and creative peers in an intense and vibrant environment taught me a great deal about the down-to-earth aspects of the art world. I made new connections, found new homes for my paintings, and discovered new ways to think about my work and my process. All this is thanks to the Superfine team's professionalism: their hands-on approach, their diligence, and their care are felt at all times - I believe their hard work is the true secret to the fair's success."

– Ken Goshen, NYC ‘18 + NYC ‘19

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You get what you pay for.

Besides not taking any commission on work sold, here’s what you get at Superfine! fairs that you don’t get at any other art fairs for individual artists:

Proper gallery-quality hardwood exhibition wall all neatly seamed, painted, and ready to make your great work look even better. No other art fair for emerging artists maintains the same level of detail that we do.

A smarter, more sophisticated marketing engine than any other art fair (read: we don’t just give out free passes and hope for the best!). Our audience is curated, pre-qualified, and there to buy art.

Easy, efficient, expert systematic approach, designed to make your experience as an exhibitor a valuable and seamless one while showing you how to sell more art.

High quality, easy-to-access venues right in the thick of major metropolitan areas. Our art fairs for artists provide a fun and accessible day out for our pre-qualified buyers, since they’re right where they’re already going.

…and a pretty great bonus:

We cap off all of our fairs at 80 exhibiting artists, which means we actually curate our fairs. Unlike other art fairs for artists, you exhibit among only the best, and there’s less competition and visual noise so you and your work get the shine you deserve.

Ready to supercharge your art career?

What it’s like in 90 seconds.


Our first Washington DC fair in 2018 brought thousands of excited collectors and more than $500,000 in incredible emerging contemporary art found new homes! With ten fairs behind us, nearly $2 million in art sales, and 8 fairs per year across the country, we’re the art fair for individual artists that serves the most markets, and the most artists, in the U.S.


As an art fair for artists, we know cash can be tight. We’ve got solutions.

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The easiest option when you have the funds upfront. Pay early, save money, and don’t worry about future payments.

Pre-pay for a single fair → receive 5% off your booth cost.

2 fairs/booths at once → 10% off
3 fairs/booths at once → 15% off
4 fairs/booths at once → 20% off

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Easily apply with Square Financial to spread your payments across 3, 6, or 12 months. With a quick no-risk application, you can finance your current exhibition balance or a new exhibition amount. A great option for emerging artists when upfront cost is a concern.

Note: Square is a separate company and they may assign interest based on your credit score.

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Your participation cost is divided into three equal payments, with 1/3rd due within 3 business days of acceptance and the remaining two payments spread across the months leading up to the fair.

A no-interest option, you deal directly with us. Also great and easy for cost-conscious emerging artists.

We love all artists. But not everyone is a fit.

You might not be a fit for Superfine! if:


You’re a stick in the mud. You’ve got your feet in the cement of the art world of yore (even if it isn’t working for you) and you aren’t looking for a better way to sell art and grow a stronger collector list.


You think “The more art on the wall, the better.” You’re not open to friendly, professional curatorial guidelines designed to provide you with results (we mean sales.) More than any other art fair, we stress curation as the secret to how to sell art.


You’re looking at an art fair as a get-rich-quick scheme. Building success means putting in time and effort, learning, and practicing what you’ve learned. We provide top-tier business advice for artists, but you need to be willing to learn.

But you’ve made it this far. We think you might be!

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Ready to replace job income with art income?

Things you want to know.

How are visitors pre-qualified to buy art?

We use data and proven marketing strategy to reach both of our most important audiences — the artists (you!) and our visitors. The two things we don’t do are buy vanity ads (no proven return) or rely on free passes as a marketing strategy, something many of our competitors do. Data across ten fairs proves that when people purchase a value-added pass to the fair, they’re over 3 times more likely to purchase art. We also poll each ticket buyer at the point-of-purchase (online) to find out their reason for attending the fair. Over 75% of ticket buyers indicate their main reason for attending as “I hope to buy art!” and because we’re targeting digitally, we know they have the income to do so. In this way, we establish the two most important criteria: disposable income and intent to purchase. We adjust strategy and ensure that our $100k per fair marketing budget is spent in speaking directly to this audience and bringing them to our fairs.

Why should I show in an art fair for artists?

Simply put, showing in an art fair for artists gives you an unfair advantage and accelerates your sales growth as an artist. Showing at Superfine! gives you access to a whole new pool of collectors that you’ve never met before. In just four or five days at a Superfine! fair, you are extremely likely to develop more serious leads, meet more collectors, and make more sales than in the previous six month period. This is a conclusion we’ve found based on past exhibitor data as well as thousands of artist interviews. A major side benefit is that you retain all of your collectors and their data, along with your leads, and can use them to build a strong buying audience for your work as you expand your footprint across the US. Lastly, even with the advent of Instagram and online sales platforms, data suggests that art lovers are much more likely to buy work they’ve seen in person, and 70% of our surveyed attendees rank “Meeting the artist” at their favorite aspect of Superfine! fairs. Conclusion? People want to meet you before they buy your art, and Superfine! gives you that opportunity.

There are other art fairs for individual artists, why should I apply to Superfine! Art Fair?

Not only do we show emerging artists how to sell more art, but we put our money where our mouth is. We’re a team that’s equal parts marketing expertise and critical, curatorial excellence. For us, a fair isn’t successful unless it elevates every artist within it, and we achieve that through a detailed curatorial process that we make very easy on your end, but entails lots of effort on ours. The result is a finished product that we and you can both be proud of. Our fairs are for artists who want to expand their current footprint, reach and sell to a whole new group of collectors, and do so in an environment that’s every bit as professional as it is enjoyable and comfortable for our audience.

We also give you all of the tools to learn how to sell art, not just within your Superfine! experience, but beyond the fair and into other markets you reach through us. We cut no corners in our production and we’ve developed an economic model that’s sound and doesn’t rely on outside sponsors, who become the predominant client when they’re footing the bill. Our primary client is you, and we’ve developed systems that work and are designed to serve you and help you meet more collectors, sell more art, and have an easy, efficient art fair experience guided by experts in the field.

Can I show prints?

Yes! We highly recommend selling low-edition prints from $75-$250 along with your original work. This is a low-friction way for you build collectors who’ve demonstrated the commitment to pay for your work, and you can encourage them over the course of your career to both expand their own purchases of your art, and expand your audience through introductions.

Is there a commission on works sold?

Absolutely not. Superfine! is a full-scale art fair, not a gallery, and we function on a client-provider model rather than a revenue sharing model. Our fairs are, put simply, a marketing platform. When you exhibit, you contribute to a budget that covers excellent production, marketing, and service, and that is what you receive. We do not take any commission on the art you sell before, during, or after the fair.

When should I apply?

Our fairs are limited in number of artists, and applications are accepted or denied on a rolling basis.

The time to apply is when you know you want to exhibit, and have the finances to secure at least the 1/3 deposit (ranges from $667 to $1,667 depending on your booth size and is due within three business days of an accepted application.) Remember, you may also pay upfront for a 5% discount. If you’re keen to exhibit, we strongly recommend against waiting until the last minute. Booth sizes sell out, especially 12 foot placements (our most popular) and 8 foot placements (we limit these intentionally to artists whose work suits the smaller exhibition space). Certain booth configurations and specific placements sell out as well. It is not uncommon for two artists to apply for the same specific booth or configuration. Once we’ve determined that you’re a candidate and you’re ready to move forward, we can hold a booth or booth configuration for up to 24 hours before receiving an application.

How can I save money on exhibiting?

We offer a sliding scale prepay discount for our fairs. If you pre-pay for one Superfine! fair, you’ll receive 5% off the total exhibition cost. If you bundle one fair up with another Superfine! fair you’ll get 10% off the cost, and if you bundle three together and pay upfront you’ll get 15% off. You can learn more about our payment options here.

Ready to apply but still have one or two questions?

Let’s talk! Schedule an 8-minute consultation with co-founder James Miille, an expert at providing business advice for artists.