Goodbye Meatpacking, hello Soho.

Basquiat and Warhol once roamed these streets, but there’s a new kid in town. Enter Superfine! Art Fair. Equal parts punk rock spirit and accessible art market innovation, Superfine! brings a new look and location to its 2019 New York fair, leaving the Meatpacking and landing at 107 Grand Street in Soho from May 1-5. A transparent, approachable player in an often stuffy and opaque art market, Superfine! believes that buying art should be a simple process and that an art fair should be an enjoyable atmosphere where anyone who wants to collect art can do so.

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Gallery Pavilion

10 galleries and non-profit spaces representing the pinnacle of emerging new contemporary make up the tightly curated Superfine! NYC gallery pavilion. Greeting visitors and collectors at the entrance of the fair, Superfine! galleries represent the cutting edge not only in emerging art talent, but in their own passion, professionalism, transparency, and attention to detail. Expect unique curatorial projects that guide you on a visual journey, offering works in varying media at a broad spread of price points for novice and experienced collectors alike.

Artist Pavilion

Our Superfine! artists are the cream of the crop: as professional as they are talented and innovative. Collectors interface directly with artists in our artist pavilion, where top emerging artists curate flowing presentations of their own work and are there to speak to it. You can discover a piece that speaks to you and then learn its back story. Artists benefit from the ability to meet collectors face-to-face and build mutually beneficial long term relationships.

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Fair Schedule


THU 5.2 | 2 - 6PM
FRI 5.3 | 2 - 10PM
SAT 5.4 | 12 - 10PM
SUN 5.5 | 12 - 8PM

***Open Admission Tickets include a complimentary craft beer or glass of wine (21+)


WED 5.1 | Champagne Inaugural | 7 - 11PM (limited to 400 guests)
• Complimentary bubbly cocktails, performance art, and a coveted first look at the fair

THU 5.2 | New Collector Appreciation Party | 7 - 10PM (limited to 400 guests)
• Musical guests, bespoke drinks, and camaraderie



%22Call Me by Your Preferred Pronoun%22 Special Project feat Adam Chuck.jpg

Call Me By Your Preferred Pronoun

An accessible art intervention of paintings by Brooklyn artist Adam Chuck, reimagining and comtemporarizing the narrative of LGBTQ bildungsroman and Oscar-winning film Call Me By Your Name. Expect intimate paintings on mylar in Chuck's signature "Polaroid" style that project Elio and Oliver's post-final-page timeline and as couples reflecting a more diverse spectrum including queer and lesbian identities.

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PANEL | "Why the F*^& Not: How Censorship is Hurting Art"

From controversies like Dana Schutz's Emmett Till painting in the Whitney Bienniale to the removal of John William Waterhouse's "Hylas and the Nymphs" from the Manchester Art Gallery, we'll talk about why and how art censorship harms artists' ability to express themselves, and how art establishments can solve this problem while keeping sensitive issues in mind.

PANEL | "Who's Footing the Bill? Moral Accountability in the Art Market
(and how a more accessible, transparent system solves the problem)”

From the assassination of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi organized by a Saudi Royal who's also (likely) the mystery buyer behind the $450 million Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi to contemporary art-cum-money laundering operations, the art world is ripe with moral scandal. How can we find accountability in a world shrouded in secrecy, and how can a more transparent art market solve this moral dilemma?

Superfine! NYC ‘19 Exhibitors


Postcard from Australia | Sydney, Australia
On Center Gallery
 | Provincetown, MA
Edge of Reality Gallery feat. James Miille | Brooklyn, NY
 | New York, NY
Elisa Valenti | New York, NY
Call Me By Your Preferred Pronoun | Adam Chuck | Brooklyn, NY
Coloringwheelz feat. Jillian Whelan | New York, NY + Hamptons, NY
The Untitled Space | New York, NY
BBAM Gallery | Montréal, Canada
Artists (in) Fellowship | New York, NY
White Cloud Gallery feat. Miguel Perez Lem | Washington, DC


Adam Christopher Reed | Morgantown, WV
Molly Goldfarb | New York, NY
Marc Scheff | Brooklyn, NY
Andy Blank | Brooklyn, NY
Amaia Marzabal | Brooklyn, NY
Jaclyn Mottola | New York, NY
JJ Galloway | Annapolis, MD
Denholm Berry | Milan, Italy
Daniel Stuelpnagel | Baltimore, MD
Taylor Chapin | San Diego, CA
Vaidehi Kinkhabwala | New York, NY
Carol Scavotto | Tiverton, RI
Justin Yoon | Brooklyn, NY
Brianne Lanigan | Washington, DC
Heather LaHaise | Columbia, SC
AkomicsArt | New Jersey
Joseph Meloy | New York, NY
Heidi Horowitz | Long Island, NY
Gigi Lopez | United Kingdom
Rick Midler | Brooklyn, NY
Denise Jones Adler | New York, NY
Alexandra Aroyo | New York, NY

Bobby 40 | Boca Raton, FL
Kelly Moeykens
| Portland, ME
Cindy Press | White Plains, NY
Tiffany Sage | Brooklyn, NY
Sonja Rohde | New York, NY
Shamona Stokes | Jersey City, NJ
Méïr Srebriansky | New York, NY
Gulsum Keskinoglu | New York, NY
Cesar Finamori | New York, NY
Gigi Chen | New York, NY
Matt Enger Studio | New York, NY
Christine Daigle
 | Montréal, Canada
Ben Lenovitz | New York, NY
Jean Louis Frenk | Brooklyn, NY
Keith Garubba | Bethlehem, PA
Ken Goshen | New York, NY
Sara Caruso
 | Miami, FL
ELO | New York, NY
Glenn Stanton | Brighton, UK
Louis Angel | Brooklyn, NY
Kieun Kim | Baltimore, MD

107/111 Grand Street | Soho


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