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Economics and culture: two of the reasons why NYC is one of our strongest markets. With nearly 400,000 millionaires calling the Big Apple home, and a continuing status as the financial capital of the western world, New York represents serious buying power. Combine that with a deep and long-standing appreciation for the arts and you have an incredible opportunity to reach not only dyed in the wool collectors but also new entrepreneurs and young professionals settling down into the big city.

What’s new in NY ‘19?

Expanded Gallery Program

25 iconic, individuated new contemporary-focused galleries with highly curated booths reflecting our commitment to diversity comprise our Gallery Pavilion.

More Powerful Marketing Mix

Targeted local blogs, physical NYC subway ads, and year-round PR by S&G. All designed to reach existing collectors and inspire new ones.

Social Media by TAX Collection

The TAX Collection curatorial team now runs the @superfine.fair Instagram, expanding our message to a wider audience of art lovers.

Ready to apply?

*Complete application online via DocuSign, then send 5 artwork examples to to complete application process.

What it's like: step inside Superfine! NYC 2018


Who else has signed on early?

Gallery Pavilion

25 iconic and indivuated galleries representing top new contemporary art talent from around the globe comprise the first-floor gallery pavilion at Superfine! NYC. Highly curated booths that reflect our emphasis on diversity and a thoughtful spread of price points for both experienced and new collectors are the backbone of the Superfine! gallery program.

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Superfine! NYC 2017 - Box Heart Gallery.jpg
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Artist Mezzanine

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Our Emerge platform offers an entry-level option for solo artists to curate a thoughtful capsule-sized collection of their work in a dynamic atmosphere. (Cannot be split with multiple artists)

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Our most popular artist placement, the Elevate platform offers solo artists from around the globe the space to spread out and curate a broader exhibition of their work. (Cannot be split with multiple artists)

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Immerse is comprised of our largest artist-focused booths and gives more established solo artists room to showcase an immersive presentation. (May be split with up to three artists)

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