More than Just an Art Fair...

Superfine! builds a bridge between those who make their livings from art (+ dedicate their lives to it) and those whose appreciation of the work leads to brisk sales and ultimately sustainability for our exhibitors. Our goal is to build a committed internal collector base while also providing an accessible means for art lovers to cross the bridge from appreciation to patronage and collectorship.

When you exhibit with Superfine!,  we give you the benefits of not just a four-day fair, but our year-round initiative to encourage support for artists and art professionals in each and every city that Superfine! calls home.

Frieze Week

May 4-7, 2017
Meatpacking District
Application deadline 3.17.17

Mexico City /// CDMX

September 21-24, 2017
Applications Open March 2017

Miami Art Week /// Basel

December 7-10, 2017
Applications Open March 2017


THE Manifesto


Inspired, original artwork is an aesthetic necessity in the lives of everyone, not just a select few.


The strongest and most passionately created artwork should always be showcased.


Living artists deserve to make a do those who champion them!


Superfine! is an environment designed to foster sales, where you have all of the tools at your disposal required to convert your passion into your livelihood.


The artwork we showcase is representative of a moment in time and the diverse shared experience of the body of artists showing with the fair. We focus on strong original artwork by living artists over commoditized and mass-produced art.