You should be selling more art.

If you’re a contemporary art gallery or artist, and the statement above resonates with you, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe that quality, professional artists and galleries should be selling more art, and that’s exactly why we created Superfine! fairs. By leveraging an accessible, transparent, and fair approach to pricing and a diverse roster of exhibitors we’re able to cultivate an ever-growing base of people who appreciate, love, and collect contemporary art.

Superfine! maintains rigorous professional standards while remaining focused on breaking down barriers and creating a friendly, curated space geared towards introducing collectors at all levels to the best that new contemporary art has to offer.

See what it’s like: step inside a Superfine! fair.


What We Do

with artists:

Superfine! provides career-focused artists with a unique way to access the market and establish a serious presence within it. Artists receive thoughtful curatorial guidance and marketing support in a full scale art fair setting - not a pop-up. Our collector base enjoys interacting with both artists and galleries, and our networking opportunities are second to none.

with galleries:

A limited number of galleries in each Superfine! gallery pavilion (20-30 per fair) ensures that media and collector attention is spread evenly among our gallery exhibitors. We know how hard (and expensive) it is to maintain a gallery in today’s world, and we work directly with you to facilitate sales and advance your program both before, during, and after each fair.

Why Exhibit at Superfine!

Never satisfied with the status quo, we take a strategic approach to collector-building and the curatorial process in each of our markets. Expect cutting edge digital marketing and re-targeting, programming geared towards all levels of collectors, and the highest curatorial standards for a new contemporary art fair.

Our approachable new art market appeals to not only dyed-in-the-wool collectors but those who've never collected before, but want to. Deep demographic research combined with targeted marketing and world-class PR mean we're serious about not only bringing thousands of eyes to your work, but fostering actual sales. Our audience is highly engaged and often keep up with our galleries and artists for months and years to come, making many more purchases after each fair officially ends.

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The new art market is waiting.

Where would you like to meet it?


2/14/19 - 2/17/19
Magic Box
Downtown LA


5/1/19 - 5/5/19
Meatpacking District


10/30/19 - 11/3/19
Dock 5
@ Union Market

Hear from our exhibitors.


"Superfine! is the absolute best art fair my gallery has had the opportunity to exhibit with. The fair goes above and beyond, creating an environment that has beautiful energy. It’s such an honor to be a small part of their creative endeavors."

- Nicole Capozzi, Director of BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA


Superfine! in the press.

(Superfine! NYC) subverts the typical fair, opting for a hyper-curated environment over stuffy warehouses.

- Hi-Fructose Magazine

"Based on clear art market trends, Superfine!, as a model, deserves a closer, more generous look"

- Quiet Lunch

"An increasingly impressive offering of social, artistic, and collecting opportunities"

- Art Zealous

Read up: the voice of Superfine! is the voice of the new art market.

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