More than just an art fair.

At Superfine!, we focus on brisk and sustainable art sales for our exhibitors. By building a more transparent, accessible environment for eager visitors to discover, consider, and collect art we create an exciting market within each fair that serves both artist and collector. Combined with a warm, inviting atmosphere and ever-present staff happy to work with each exhibitor to maximize their presentation, every edition of Superfine! brings forth the cream of the crop in emerging contemporary art. Beyond an industry-leading marketing and media presence, Superfine! maintains a thriving in-house collector management program along with innumerable programs designed to guide newfound aficionados over the bridge from art-curious to art collector and simultaneously inspire long-time collectors to discover fresh and exciting work.

Opening on Halloween 2018, Superfine! DC will showcase 70 global exhibitors within Washington DC’s Dock 5 at Union Market for our largest fair to date. 6,000-8,000 art-curious fairgoers (**more than 20% of Superfine! visitors make a purchase!) are expected to attend during the five nights and four days of programming designed to engage both new and established collectors. Superfine! DC exhibitors may apply under four main Exhibition Platforms, each designed to provide specific value to our different levels of exhibitors:


Our Audience

  • DC Metro’s mass affluent, culturally aware professionals. Ages 45-65 comprising attorneys, doctors, political operatives, dual-residence internationals, and other established professionals.

  • DC’s very quickly growing entrepreneurial + emerging wealth sector including new condo buyers, the LGBT market, and young professionals ranging from 25-45. Candidates for young collector programs.


Gallery Platforms

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Platform Names-01.png

Forward-thinking brick-and-mortar gallery programs from around the globe will show an array of emerging artists within 19 booths at the epicenter of Superfine! DC. With an eye towards the new and fresh of contemporary art, while promoting accessibility among both new and existing collectors, Superfine! DC’s Establish galleries will feature works at a maximum price point of $15,000 (with 70% of the offering still under $5,000.)

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Platform Names-02.png

Curators, mobile gallery programs, and artist collectives are invited to display narrative-driven multi-artist presentations in 18 sixteen linear foot mini-booths. Focused on giving curators and galleries the opportunity to create a story with their artists’ work in a sophisticated and adventurous fair setting, our Explore program will feature works in the under $10,000 range only.


Solo Platforms

Elevate Photo.jpg

Mid-career contemporary artists’ solo endeavors will encompass sixteen 12 linear foot wall placements for one of our most popular platforms at Superfine! DC, artwork prices will be capped at $10,000 to facilitate the artist/collector connection while enabling artists to show larger and more complex works.

Platform Names-04.png

From a selection of global artists new to the Superfine! family, 17 emerging artists will be picked to exhibit their newest and most tantalizing works priced under $5,000 on 6 linear foot exhibition walls. A feast for the eyes and mind, the Emerge program is designed to create an accessible means for artists to show in their first fair while providing emerging collectors the ability to discover innovative works within their budget.


Special Sections



For the inaugural edition of Superfine! DC, we're joining forces with Pittsburgh contemporary art stalwart BoxHeart Gallery to present Heartlandia, a curated section of 11 North American galleries with programs committed to exhibiting artwork by new contemporary artists with individuated vocabularies. Hailing from regional art capitals of the future including Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Wichita (as well as home turf in Washington DC itself), the exhibiting galleries of Heartlandia set the curatorial tone of Superfine! DC by exploring the intricate patterns of creative hybridity that are powering a cross continental art revolution. Themes and styles range from home spun pop surrealism to folk contemporary and beyond.

Platform Names-05.png

From the Hindi anglicization of “capsule”, exhibitors accepted into this special project will stoke the fires of the here and now by creating an (a)typical photo-based time capsule focused on political issues, immigration, the global political climate, LGBTQ rights, and all of the alternative facts and foibles of the Trump era. Open to solo artists, galleries, and collectives, this project will comprise six booths within Superfine! DC and will be a highlight of our outreach campaign in the politically-charged DC environment.