Make art. Sell art. We do the rest.


Learn how to curate to sell: we help you isolate price points, create winning curatorial layouts, with a sales strategy for success.


Built-in targeted marketing: the collectors you want to meet. Younger (26-45), affluent ($120k+), and buying art now.


We’re there: America’s fastest growing + most widespread artist-driven art fair. NY, LA, DC, SF, Chicago, Seattle, + beyond.


We broke the rules. Now you benefit.

We started out in 2015 as an alternative to boring, stuffy art fairs and complicated art world politics.

We caught flack from the art establishment by breaking down barriers and opening up art collecting to excited, art-hungry professionals. As it turned out, nobody cared about the art world and its politics.

This open, transparent approach worked: thousands of works have found new homes with eager collectors in growing collections. With each fair, we accomplish our one goal: produce badass, expertly-curated art fairs where über-talented, diverse global artists meet their new supporters in iconic cities across the US, and beyond.


You’re the art-making expert. We’re the art-marketing experts.

Webinars + in-fair sales seminars by art market pros help you profit from your newfound knowledge during and after each fair.

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Social media support + guidance by expert online curators. Learn how to maximize your web presence and benefit from ours.

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Jet-fuel your career with lifetime value takeaways. Build a career + collector list around our six-city (and growing!) circuit.

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Ready to supercharge your art career?

You get what you pay for.

Besides not taking any commission on work sold, here’s what you get at Superfine! fairs:

Proper 10-foot high gallery-quality hardwood exhibition wall (9’ in LA - still mighty!) all neatly seamed and painted and ready for your work to light up its face.

A smarter, more sophisticated marketing engine than any of our competitors (read: we don’t just give out free passes and hope for the best!)

Easy, efficient, expert systematic approach, designed to make your experience as an exhibitor a valuable and seamless one.

Quality, easy-to-access venues right in the thick of major metropolitan areas.

…and a pretty great bonus:

We cap off all of our fairs at 80 exhibitors, which means we actually curate our fairs. You exhibit among only the best, and there’s less competition and noise so you and your work get the shine you deserve.

What it’s like in 90 seconds.


Need time with payments? Want to save?

We’ve got a solution.

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Pre-pay for a single fair → receive 5% off your booth cost.

2 fairs/booths at once → 10% off
3 fairs/booths at once → 15% off
4 fairs/booths at once → 20% off

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Easily apply to spread your payments across 3, 6, or 12 months. With a quick no-risk application, you can finance your current exhibition balance or a new exhibition amount.

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Your participation cost is divided into three equal payments, with 1/3rd due within 3 business days of acceptance and the remaining two payments spread across the months leading up to the fair.

Not everyone is a fit.

You might not be a fit for Superfine! if:


You’re a stick in the mud. You’ve got your feet in the cement of the art world of yore, even if it isn’t working, and you aren’t looking for a better way to sell art and grow a global collector list.


You think “The more art on the wall, the better.” You’re not open to friendly, professional curatorial guidelines designed to provide you with results (we mean sales.)


Your art’s just not that exciting. Our curators look for artwork that exceeds the ordinary, and pushes boundaries in style and execution. If that’s not you, there are plenty of other art fairs to apply to.

But you’ve made it this far. We think you might be a fit!

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Ready to make quitting your day job worth it?