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Director's Picks Under $750

A beautifully abstracted portrait and a very well-priced print, any collector who walks away with one of these will be very lucky indeed!

Irvin Rodriguez

20 x 20 inches

When I see this beautiful little sculpture, I feel the magical realism of Latin American culture coursing through my veins like the pages of A Hundred Years of Solitude.

Top of the South Gallery
Dora Gabay


11x5x6 inches

10 - Girls Club 2.jpg

Charming little works for a great cause, it’s a win-win! These paper dolls are made in the after school classes at the Lower East Side Girls Club, and each has her own story.

Lower Eastside Girls Club
Paper Dolls

Simply a beautiful, well-composed collage work. I'm often drawn to smaller, more precious works and to me this one exemplifies that.

Clara Arts
Olivia Descampe

The Perfectionist

Mixed Media on Bristol

It's been wonderful seeing Alex's work evolve over the years and this is a great example of that. Washboard abs don't hurt, either!

Alex Kuhn

9 x 12 inches
Acrylic Ink

Is it the Florida in me or am I just a sucker for a vividly patterned alligator? Just gorgeous, and the wood backing gives a deeper sense of natural beauty to a piece not lacking in that to begin with.

Emma Repp
My Cat

18 x 24 inches
Chiffon, Birch & Acrylic

Julie's work reminds me of places I know but put through a Dream Blender to create all new landscapes that feel at once familiar and uncanny. Each is a beautiful homage to a real place, through Julie's lens.

Julie Gross
Ocean Drive

12 x 12 inches
Oil on Canvas

Kal's works are the kind of art you could never get tired of looking at, calming and ethereal but full of surprise and discovery. His larger ones you could really lose yourself in, but for a taste of that in a smaller package, these gorgeous signets are a great start.

reference: contemporary
Kal Mansur

Ivory Tasche Four

12 x 12 x 2 inches

I love all of the works Landon is showing at Superfine! but this one strikes a cord. It's intricate, story-drive, and who can resist a woodcut?

Landon M. Perkins
Or Tomorrow?

32 x 42 inches

Who ever thought a ballpoint pen could bring forth so many incredible, nested figures? I can barely write my name. In the hand of a master like Tai, a grasshopper and an anglerfish emerge from a slightly worse-for-the-wear teddy and it all works.

Art by Tai's Ol' Blue Gallery
Light to Darkness as Love to Fear

20 x 36 inches
Ballpoint Pen & Mixed Media

"Wave Boy" is a charmer, like a cross between a young Duke Kahanamoku and a mysterious dreamboat. A great example of Kenneth's work for an entry-level collector.

Kenneth Kudulis
Wave Boy

18 x 18 inches

The craftsmanship and precious factor that goes into each of these - I can't get over it. One of Andrew's pieces is perfect for someone who wants to get into 3-dimensional art but stay rooted in paper, paint, and pigment.

BoxHeart Gallery
Andrew Ooi


3 x 3 x 3 inches
Acrylic & Ink on Gampi Chiri

All of Parris' works exemplify the raw, primal energy of an artist who knows what he wants to say, but I particularly dig the composition of this piece.

Parris Jaru

15 x 9 inches
Mixed Media

HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Sean Christopher Ward

Collector Cubes

4 x 4 x 4 inches
$100 each

This piece is so intricate and well-priced, and it's the right size to really make a statement about the collector who takes it home.

Jose Cordova

Camino a Barcelona

20 x 20 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

This one is for the collector who's a little daring and wants to really add something unique to their collection. I love the line work, the color palette, and the raw humor of it all.

Legend D'Oro

9 x 12 inches
Ink on Paper

Take your pick: Hazy Mae's ceramics are all unique and when you buy one, you're buying a piece of her super-creative in fair presentation (now that you'll just have to see in person.)

Hazy Mae

$150 each

Our environment is changing rapidly, and Kenneth is boldly stoking that topic with his work. Owning a piece like this is a great way to bring beauty to a tough conversation and remind yourself of what we face.

Kenneth Burris
Time to Fly Away Again

9 x 12 inches
Oil on Wood Panel

This is just a beautiful homage to love and my favorite of Russell's many incredible works at Superfine! NYC (warning: if you don’t buy it, I will!)

Russell Boyle
The Morning After

9.75 x 12.75 inches
Mixed Media on Bristol

All of Mauro's works are so cool, and the method so interesting, but it's the symmetry of this one that really gets me.

Mauro Soggiu
The Smoker

14 x 11 inches
Sticker Collage on Paper

The subway map is a subtle homage to New York, indiscernible to out-of-towners but obviously recognizable to all New Yorkers, and Nina makes it double more interesting by fashioning this one entirely out of our mode of currency - the MetroCard.

Nina Boesch
Subway Map 10

8 x 10 inches

This series is just so cool, and this one is our favorite. It's up to you whether you use it for good or evil, but we have faith in you!

Deep Space Gallery
Keith Garcia

Macsheme part 4 

14 x 11 inches
Acrylic on Wood Cradled Board

Impishly cute yet deep and spiritual, Shamona's sculptures are like an animism of her own making. We love them all, but I adore this little unicorn.

Shamona Stokes

10.5"h x 8.5"w x 2.5"d
Hand-built Ceramic & Epoxy

Never before have I met an artist so mutually adored by both jaded art critics and novice collectors. Brian's works have an innocent energy to them, but each has its own tongue-in-cheek humor. Superfine! wouldn't be complete without him, and nor will your collection.

Brian Leo
Dog Leaping

12 x 12 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

This is the ultimate girl power piece, snarky in a wonderful way  and a great example of collage that pushes the boundaries of the medium.

Carol Scavotto

You Too Can Be A Model

10 x 13 inches
Mixed Media

There's something very powerful about that single tear, and I think a painting like this has a place in every world-conscious human's home.

Ceres Gallery
Elaine Clayman

Crossing the Line

18 x 18 inches

Here's a witchy and wonderful work conjuring up old magic in the woods. I may be biased (I have two of Deming's pieces!) but I think this is a great piece not only for the price, but in general.

Superfine! Team Exhibition
Deming King Harriman

Soul Taker

16.5 x 12 inches

I love when works that are presumably abstract take all different shapes depending how you look at them, from what distance, and where you place them. Marcy's "Milagro" (Spanish for "miracle") is precisely that: a small miracle.

Marcy Sperry

4 x 4 inches

With an almost Escher-like composition, I think Runyu's works really lend credibility to the growing presence and validity of digital art.

Runyu Xia
Spooky Philosophy

21.25 x 14 inches
Digital Print

Own a piece of New York City through the eyes of a talented illustrator and painter. Last year, John built our house installation at Superfine! out of these buildings and here you can take a miniature version of it home with you.

John P. Dessereau
Small City

+/- 12 x 9 inches
Acrylic on Wood

Encaustic works are amazing to have in your collection. It's like by looking at them alone, the room they live in automatically has a texture it didn't have before. Wade's work brings me to that storybook place I so long to be in, and I love this one.

Wade Asa

Encaustic Mixed Media