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Director's Picks Under $2,500

When we featured this work on instagram it practically went viral, and with good reason! Here's a large, meaningful, and impeccably produced work to jumpstart your collection.

Deep Space Gallery

Dropping Knowledge

39 x 26 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Turek’s works aren’t always easy to look at but they’re a powerful statement and in their own way, incredibly beautiful. These are for the bold collector who's not afraid to confront deep-seated social issues.

Joe Turek
A White Male 16

23 x 17 inches
Encaustic Wax & Acrylic on Paper

Beautiful, serene suburbia through the lens of one of South Florida’s most talented painters, Carmen's works are always crowd favorites at Superfine! fairs and I'm surprised this one is not gone already.

Carmen Smith
Three Thirty

24 x 24 inches

10 - Girls Club 2.jpg

Perhaps my favorite of Trina's works, it takes a double take to realize what's at play here. There's something about the model's serene expression that plays into Vincent's sad eyes.

Trina Merry
$71,500,000 (Van Gogh)


It took me a while to realize what I was seeing here but once I did, I loved it. The effect of playing with the existing magazine cover and incorporating it into an altogether new work is what makes this piece so special - it's art for artists.

Monica Delgado
5.5 Gallons

16 x 20 inches (in frame)
Paint Bottle Caps & Magazine

When you first see this, you think collage, but it's actually a really incredible oil painting blending unique styles and content for a poignant and well-composed final work. I think Kate's work will only strengthen, but this one is already so strong that I think it's perfect and priced very fairly for what it is.

Kate Goltseva

Nocturnal Limbo

18 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

Haunting, ghostly, and beautiful - a great addition to all who celebrate contemporary Americana in all its forms.

Gail Garcia

30 x 30 inches
Mixed Media on Canvas
(Framed Original)

There's a primal energy to LeRoi's work (he calls it "electric primitive") and this is a chance to own a striking piece of his. There's a lot to see and learn about culture from LeRoi's work.

Colored People 5

30 x 24 inches
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

The same pastoral beauty of Nicole's larger oils is found here but in a more compact size and price, with the same impact. A great buy for an emerging abstract collector who wants to feel a keen sense of nostalgia every time they look at their wall.

BoxHeart Gallery
Nicole Renee Ryan

Ceases and Stills 4

12 x 24 inches
Oil on Panel

My favorite among favorites from Julius' work in the HUE booth, there's a kind of optimistic melancholy to our stargazer that makes me relate to him on a human level. I think this is a perfect piece.

HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Julius Dizon-Cruz Bautista

Cosmic Traveler

36 x 24 inches
Mixed Media on Canvas

Maybe there's some irony in that the only Warhol interpretation I’m fond of happens to be the back of his head : I love this piece!

Clara Arts
Kathryn Mecca

Andy Warhol

Oil on Canvas

This is where I want to be every day during the lead up to Superfine! LA next year - Dolly at her finest with SoCal in focus.

Dolly Faibyshev
Leisure Land

Digital C-Print

Steve's works are timeless yet at the same time wholly contemporary, urgent, and evocative. Here's one large enough to make a statement in any room in a home, yet priced very accessibly.

Steve Zolin

36 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

What more can we say? Totally apropos to the time (and you can tell your guests what it's called!)

Abby Elizabeth
Ticking Twitter Bomb

23 x 18 inches
High Density Foam, Plastic Army Men, Clock Parts + Mixed Media

Disclaimer: we have three of Seren's incredible paint sculptures and love them. I would be remiss in not recommending to all of our friends, fans, and fellow collectors that they scoop up one of these immediately and this is definitely one of my favorites. They're like nothing else you'll see.

Seren Morey

Ultralight, Urethane, Dispersions, & Clay on Panel

Who said abstract had to be boring? Jessica’s works burst with energy, focus, and are extremely powerful.

Jessica Matier
The Evolution of Good Will

20 x 16 inches
Mixed Media on Aluminum

This is beautiful minimalism at its best with an almost mid-century modern design sensibility, yet so delicately created.

Sam Still

20.5 x 14.5 inches
Ink & Ash on Paper
$2,200 framed  //  $1,900 unframed

I confess: many of Richard's works could qualify as my favorite, but as I soul search I keep coming back to this bovine. Seldom do you see such detailed oils in the hands of such talented artists at this price, and I think it's an excellent piece.

Richard Ahnert
The Truth

18 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

When something becomes a trend, like textile art, sometimes it can be difficult to discern what's wheat and what's chuff. This work by Mary is definitely wheat. Note the intricate patterning of their clothes, and the incredible attention to color on the faces (and the figure in the window above.) This is an homage, sure, but it's one of the best out there.

Viridian Artists
Mary Tooley Parker

American Graphic

29 x 24 inches

Here's black female empowerment in a style you haven't seen it in before. The mirror makes you look back at yourself, it's a very powerful piece and says a lot about you as a collector.

Jennifer "Fèfè" Massenat
Beautiful Sadness

24 x 30 inches
Oil, Mirror, & Resin on Canvas

Molly Goldfarb

Digital Artwork (Print 1 of 10)

What does feminism look like in the digital age? I like to think something like the Yanjun's portraits. Many of the works she's showing at Superfine! NYC are powerful, but this one is striking and well-priced.

Yanjun Cheng
Girl Portrait

Oil on Panel

This painting is quirky, weird, and totally New York. It's everything I want to see in contemporary art and a bold statement piece for any collector.

Working Girl

20 x 20 inches
Acrylic on Panel

Disorienting and darkly beautiful, perfect for a serious photo collector or anyone wanting to add a bit of mystery to their home.

reference: contemporary
Michael Toole

Reflex (large)

Archival print on metal
30 x 30 inches
Edition of 15

Ken's skill as a painter and composer exist exactly where classic and contemporary meet, and each feels wholly dedicated to the here and now. A truly beautiful oil painting from a talented artist on the rise.

Ken Goshen
News Under the Sun

24 x 18 inches
Oil on Canvas

Colorful and meditative, Cedrik's works conjure up a forgotten dreamland but at the same time become more and more familiar and at the same time, alien, the more you see them.

Cedrik Cavallier
Ruins Meditation XII

20 x 20 inches

All the magic of a Samurai movie in a contemporary package, this is an opportunity to own something wholly unique and electric. We love Tomoya's work and these light boxes are a really exciting new way to show it.


23 x 23 cm
Acrylic board and LED light