Alex Mitow


Floridian by birth, New Yorker and world citizen by choice, Superfine! director Alex Mitow is the only non-artist on the Superfine! team. A compulsive curator and multi-spirited entrepreneur, Alex brings a marketing degree from the University of Miami and more than 14 years of experience in the lifestyle, art, and hospitality industries to his role at Superfine! - The Fair.

A guiding force in the curatorial style and business model of all Superfine! fairs, Alex is also a habitual collector of emerging contemporary art, social media addict, freelance writer, and constant content creator. With a dual base in New York's DUMBO neighborhood and Miami's historic South Beach, Alex and the team have launched Superfine! fairs in multiple major markets and plan to be in at least 10 US markets by 2020. He strives to be a year-round resource on the emerging contemporary art market, and provide a bridge for other young connoisseurs to appreciate and collect art.

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James Miille


James Miille brings an unmatched sense of the aesthetic and a photographer's keen eye to all things Superfine! both physical and digital. Responsible for a broad range of assets from web development to materials design and managing the Superfine! Collectors' Society, James is a uniquely multi-faceted personality who adds a detailed visual narrative to an organization rooted in the visual.

James is also an accomplished photographer and graphic designer who splits his time between Miami and NYC. His artwork has been featured in publications such as Hi-Fructose Magazine, Artnet, and Posture Magazine and has also been exhibited in solo exhibitions in New York, Miami, and Paris. He has developed a habit of narrating his pet shiba inu Coda's thoughts and specializes in making objects float--and yes, he does in fact have two i's in his last name.


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Luis Del Valle


Luis Diego Del Valle works behind the scenes at Superfine! to build and coordinate each art fair as its Director of Operations & Logistics. His Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and diverse experience in design and construction helps to ensure that Superfine! grows into emerging art markets inside and out of the country. Hailing from Miami and having traveled throughout Latin America as well as Europe, Luis’ passion for travel and adventure has naturally ushered him into New York City. As a proponent for thoughtful design and the arts, he is committed to providing an enriching experience for exhibitors and visitors alike to enjoy Superfine! art fairs.

Luis’ multifaceted practice has afforded him the unique opportunity to translate his skill set and talent towards a variety of endeavors. His projects include interactive digital exhibits at the Coral Gables Museum, designing identity brands for start-ups, annual furniture showroom renovations across the country, and previous contemporary art fairs produced in Miami, New York and Basel, Switzerland.

Deming Harriman


Deming King Harriman brings an artist's perspective to the head of the Superfine! Exhibitor Relations department. If you apply to any Superfine! fair, chances are that you'll be lucky enough to encounter Deming's professional, courteous, and poised nature--and you'll be all the better for it. A graduate of MICA in Baltimore, Deming's art career began with illustrating children's books and evolved into a lifelong commitment to the arts, including teaching and leadership positions at museums such as The Wolfsonian on Miami Beach and the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, as well as managing her own fine art career.

Beyond her pivotal role at Superfine!, Deming's own artwork has been shown in museums, galleries, and art fairs including the past three editions of Superfine! in New York and Miami, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Coral Gables Museum, Baker Museum, Brisky Gallery, &gallery, and FU Gallery, as well as a Special Project solo exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach in December 2016. Deming lives in Miami Beach with her very fluffy semi-aquatic Newfoundland dog and has only one "m" in her first name.


Deming King Harriman | Rocking Chair Sessions

Rachel Yamshon


World traveler and California native, Rachel is proud to be part of the Superfine! team as Collectors' Liaison. With a degree in Theatre for directing and playwriting from UCLA, led her to New York where she immediately started as the production manager of body positivity movement The 36-24-36 Project. She hopes to continue to expand her personal art collection while helping others around the world discover and build upon theirs. 

Noel Kassewitz


Noel Kassewitz has spent years working with both well established institutions and newly-founded arts non-profits, in addition to managing her own art career. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Noel worked with the prestigious Rubell Family Collection after graduating from the University of Florida with her B.F.A. Her driving belief is that art, at its highest levels, is an invaluable tool for provoking thought, reflection and action and therefore that experience should be available to the maximum number of people possible. As the face and facilitator of Superfine’s D.C. Cultural Partnerships, Noel is excited for the types of collaborations that will be debuting this October and that are only possible in a place as dynamic, international, and intriguing as the nation’s capital. 

As a professional artist, Noel’s paintings and sculptures explore environmental and metaphysical concerns. Her current body of work addresses climate change and rising sea-levels from the perspective of painter forcing her works to adapt. She uses a tapestry loom to create her own canvas and in the process embeds the found flotation objects into the woven structure, thus ensuring their ability to float as sea levels rise. Noel has exhibited nationally in cities like Miami, Chicago, and New York, as well as internationally in Milan and Bologna, Italy.  

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Tim Minerd


Tim Minerd is a freelance writer and superfan of Superfine! Originally from Virginia, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Art & Architectural History from Columbia University and ended up spending a decade in the city that never sleeps. Now based in sunny Miami Beach, FL, he is a freelance writer covering art, design, travel and real estate for sites like Observer, Apartment Therapy, and, of course, Superfine!'s blog. He loves watching Superfine! grow each year, and hopes to expand his personal collection with works from future fairs. 

Chloe Hyman


Chloe Hyman is a freelance writer born and raised in New York City. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Tufts University and is now pursuing her Master’s in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. You can read her writing on the Superfine! blog as well as her personal blog, Canvas and Crumpets, where she also details her work as a vintage dealer and stylist. Chloe began her personal collection at Superfine! and hopes to inspire other young collectors to support emerging artists.