The Superfine! Approach

Superfine! is a contemporary art fair that humanizes the art world by creating a space where you can experience and collect artwork showcased by passionate artists and dealers who dedicate their lives to art. We work hard to provide a fun, curated, and accessible environment built for enjoying the art collecting experience, and consistently deliver high-quality, well-priced artwork directly to you.


Reach new collector markets and experience robust sales in a hyper-curated environment with a focus on singular, authentic, high-quality artwork.

Independent dealers, brick-and-mortar galleries, and professional artists with a passion for what they do make up the DNA and lifeblood of Superfine! Fairs.


Support living, working artists by putting the most important set of eyes on their work: yours.

Each edition of Superfine! provides a unique glimpse at a cross-section of the world's artwork, lovingly curated by our team, with a side of well-programmed music and thought-provoking conversation.


Collecting art is the ultimate investment into your own individuality, and an incredible way to foster an artist's growth.

Join our Superfine! Collectors' Society for early and total access to all of our fairs as well as exclusive in-fair events and events such as artists' dinners throughout the year.