Demystifying the Art Market, the Superfine! Way

We’re first-movers in the curated, accessible art fair space and an anomaly among art fairs. With our plucky name and omnipresent exclamation point, we’ve remade the art fair model by dismantling tired, stuffy art world conventions one by one. We believe in a fair, transparent, and thriving art market built for business-minded art entrepreneurs and eager collectors alike.

Our approach makes expanding to new markets a no-brainer decision for both solo artists and smart gallery owners, and we provide the easiest, most transparent financing options in the industry so no expansion opportunity need be missed. Likewise, we work with partners like Art Money who make purchasing the piece of their dreams a reality for any would-be collector.

“There’s something a little punk rock (with a wide, glistening smile) about Superfine! that shouldn’t be discounted.”

- Kurt McVey, Whitehot Magazine

Every day, we break down another unnecessary barrier between our new art market of savvy, excited, and enthusiastic art lovers and an art world whose priorities seldom reflect the needs of either collectors or artists and gallery owners. Always the smart fair, our decisions are data-driven and our experts work with other experts in every field — namely web marketing and logistics — to bring exponentially more value to our fairs.

Each fair is lovingly hand-curated by art collecting power couple slash Superfine! co-founders Alex Mitow and James Miille, and the results show. With an average of two new markets per year, and more than $1.5 million in aggregate art sales, Superfine! is the wave of the art future.

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