The Year Is 2016…

Contemporary art collectors, LGBTQ+ power couple, and Superfine! co-founders James Miille and Alex Mitow have just put their very first Superfine! fair in the bag. Cue a trip to Mexico City (the pair’s first of many) and a slew of disillusionments with art world “players”. On that fateful trip the pair examined the big question: what the hell is wrong with the art market? They also discovered hundreds fantastic, accessibly-priced works by challenging artists, showcased in transparent, welcoming spaces - art you could afford, presented by people who cared.

Transparency Builds Buyer Trust

Enter Superfine! 2.0 - an art fair built with one purpose: to correct the art market by widening it. We appeal to collectors at all stages - complete novices and long-time aficionados alike - who are disillusioned and bored by the tired, stuffy offering of an art world that just can’t seem to forget its silly, snobby contrivances and grow with the times. To collect art, you need only a genuine passion for it; one that Mitow and Miille know all too well. Their Brooklyn, NY home is filled with more than 300 pieces valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars by both emerging and mid-career artists.

Through accumulating an enviable collection, meeting the artists and galleries, and learning what makes them tick the duo has constructed an art fair that’s electrified the art market through its friendly, transparent, and welcoming approach. We love art and artists but hate haggling, ambiguity, and exclusivity so forget asking for the prices (they’re listed). Superfine! provides a leveled playing field that does away with the tired trope of opaque pricing and welcomes all collectors.

What’s Next

Settling into major metropolitan areas like New York, L.A, and San Francisco as well as up-and-coming culture capitals like DC, Seattle, and more each year, Superfine! is the most rapidly expanding art fair in the United States as we consistently launch new fairs to eager reception among local and global collectors.

Discover the new contemporary art market with us. We can’t wait to meet you.

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