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Visit our DC 2019 E-Fair and browse thousands of works by over 220 artists!

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Art fairs that break boundaries, defy conventions, and connect people.

As the sun shines, artists want to make art. And we make that easier. How? It’s simple: by giving artists and curators the economic power to build client lists and generate sales results through our art fairs. We provide pre-qualified buyers, an outsized and targeted marketing budget, and the best infrastructure in the industry. Our expert marketing means that our buyer targeting strategy is revolutionary. We’re first-movers in accessible, artist-driven art fairs, and the largest, most widespread art fair for artists in the country.


Discover our art fairs in NYC, LA, DC, and SF

From East to West, we’re all over the map! We started with Superfine! art fairs in NYC and Miami, and quickly expanded to our first DC art fair in October 2018. Shortly afterward, we brought our unique approach to art fairs in LA and San Francisco. In every city, we connect top local and global artists to an art-hungry populous eager to discover new artists and their work. What’s up next? A pair of art fairs in Seattle and Chicago are coming up in 2020 and 2021, so stay tuned!


An emerging art fair like no other.

When people think “emerging art fair”, they might not picture Superfine! off the bat: a maze of beautifully finished ten foot high walls adorned with the top contemporary art from around the world, programming that’s educational, enlightening, and entertaining, and a whole new take on what a contemporary art fair should be. Each of our fairs is hand-curated by our expert team, and showcases the absolute top up-and-coming talent from around the world for a true redefinition of an emerging art fair.

Find out how hundreds of artists are selling their work through Superfine! art fairs each year.


The art-world antidote to 'the bloated, over-sized art fair model'

- artnet

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