Exhibitor FAQ

+ I want to exhibit work priced higher than the indicated price cap, can I do that?

To maintain a brisk sales environment and encourage newer collectors, Superfine! maintains a strict price cap for artwork exhibited at each fair. This varies depending on the market and level of exhibitor (for instance, galleries may exhibit works up to $15,000, while first-time exhibiting artists in the Emerge platform have a price cap of $5,000) so please consult the application for your chosen fair to confirm this. We do not allow exceptions to this rule and all prices must be posted transparently (we provide the tags to enforce this consistently across each fair.)

Regardless of the cap, we also enforce that 70% of work on offer be priced under $5,000 and that each exhibitor feature works under $1,000. The numbers are not arbitrary but based on years of experience and research on which sectors of the contemporary art market are experiencing growth. Our findings indicate that the under $10,000 category is the fastest moving segment of the market, and rather than fight that we choose to work with it to engage collectors at all levels via a broad array of price points.

+ How should I price my work?

Although Superfine! prides itself on providing an approachable, accessible gateway for new collectors, we also see many more established long-time collectors with largers budgets and more space in their homes for larger works. We encourage every exhibitor to spread their presentations with 25% of work at the top end of their assigned price range, 50% between $1,000 and $5,000, and the remaining 25% under $1,000. It is also helpful to have a "grab and go" component to your presentation, which can be prints of unique multiples priced in the $75 to $200 range.

Superfine! is a curated emerging contemporary art fair. Every single exhibition booth within the fair is curated with oversight by our team, and we provide invaluable guidance and knowledge to each exhibitor. We work with both galleries and artists to ensure that their presentations are professional, critically viable, and strategic to promote actual in-fair sales and interest. Our artists and galleries are split into different platforms and geographic areas within the fair, with an easy flow for collectors to discover works exhibited by both. Artists are encouraged to value their works as they would if represented by a gallery to avoid price-based competition. Additionally, Superfine! does not allow artists to exhibit independently in Superfine! who have already exhibited with a gallery in the fair, without the explicit written permission of the gallery director.

+ I'm an artist, and Superfine! accepts both solo artists and galleries. How can I be assured that my presentation will come off as professional?

Superfine! is a curated emerging contemporary art fair. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that your presentation is professional, critically viable, and strategic in order to bring sales and attention to your work. We encourage our exhibitors, specifically artist-level exhibitors, to display only their strongest work and to present along a unifying theme in order to hold attendees' attention. Our curatorial plans are an invaluable tool for planning out a successful exhibition, and we work hand in hand with you to critique and finalize your presentation so that when you come to the fair you'll be focused on meeting collectors and making sales.

+ I see that Superfine! not only takes place during some major "Art Weeks" in big cities, but also different cities than I'm used to (Washington DC). Is there enough of an art market to support this?

As an organization, Superfine! is very cautious when launching a new fair in a new market. Art fairs are expensive and time-consuming (more than one year of work goes into each fair), and long-term exhibitor relationships are supremely important to us--so you can trust that we've done our homework. A Superfine! fair in a specific city or a specific time of year means that we have decided that the affluent people (collectors) needed to support a fair of our size are present and able to be reached by our multi-faceted marketing and PR strategy. Our unique strategy, business model, and ability to connect not only with established collectors but the entire mass affluent sector of a city means that we are market makers, not market takers.

+ I'm based in __ and I already have a following/collector base there, should I still do Superfine! or any art fairs in my home market?

In a very short answer: absolutely. While it's a popular thought that an individual gallery, artist, or collective can have reached their maximum saturation in a market through their own programming and marketing, we very respectfully disagree. When you participate in a fair like Superfine! you gain access not just to the reciprocal marketing afforded to you by the other 75-85 exhibitors, but also a well-funded and strategic marketing and PR machine designed solely to put would-be collectors in front of your work. Doing so involves a multi-faceted campaign geared not just toward engaging existing collectors but also encouraging new ones through innovate techniques both leading up to the fair and during it.

You are almost guaranteed to connect with collectors, institutions, and organizations you wouldn't have otherwise met. Local galleries and artists often have more to gain than global programs from exhibiting at fairs in their home markets, as there is then an open door to connect with collectors whose patronage can translate into a more regular occurrence. The purpose of participating in a fair is not to create retirement-level income, but to reach thousands of new faces and encourage them into becoming long term evangelists of your artwork.

+ I'm an artist and I see that there's a preferred placement section on the application, am I guaranteed to get my first choice?

Superfine! is first and foremost a curated fair which means that no artist placements are final until final curatorial plans are received. However, in 90% of cases you will receive your first or second choice in placement within the fair.

That said, the curated nature of the fair along with its relatively compact size drive collectors to explore all aisles and corners of the fair. When we say there's no bad spot, we really mean it!

+ I'd like to bring backup artwork with me, can I do that?

Live art storage is available on a limited basis at a reasonable fee at each Superfine! fair. Live art storage is also first come first serve, so if you think you'll need it we suggest applying early and indicating in your initial email approximately how much storage you'll need.

Please note: while we make every effort to secure storage areas, there are inherent risks in storing artwork anywhere and Superfine! does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged artwork. For this reason, we encourage exhibitors to consider keeping backup artwork in your hotel room, Airbnb, or gallery/studio (if the exhibitor is local) and change out artwork in the mornings before the fair opens, instead of storing it on site. Again, we also recommend bringing an iPad with a more complete catalogue of your work rather than incurring additional cost, labor, and stress by bringing too much extra work.

+ How will sold artwork be packaged and shipped to collectors?

There is a complimentary on-site packing and shipping station at each Superfine! fair where your sold work will be packaged, free of charge. Should collectors choose, they may also coordinate shipping at a reasonable rate.

I or my represented artists are creating work for the fair, do I still have to submit my images and curatorial plan in advance?

Both artwork images/info and a completed curatorial plan are integral to the success of an exhibition at Superfine! We set a date between 6-8 weeks before each fair when all materials are due and there are no exceptions. Having proper artwork imagery and information in hand allows our team to create your artwork tags, include your artwork in our online E-fair (which reaches thousands and results in additional sales), and ensure that your artwork has the opportunity to be featured in media outlets. A completed curatorial plan allows our curatorial team to weigh in on your exhibition and ensure that you'll gain the greatest possible benefit from exhibiting with Superfine! If you find yourself down to the wire and working on a piece, you may submit a high quality work-in-progress shot and all of the other relevant information. If the work is finished later, it is easy to switch a single image.

+ I want to be in Superfine!, how do I apply?

Simply navigate to the "Exhibit" page on our website and find the fair you're interested in applying for, click on the application, then click to download it (Safari users may also fill it out first on the website and then download it). Once completely filled out and signed, please e-mail your application to exhibit@superfine.world and someone from our Exhibitor Relations team will get back to you within 72 hours to let you know if it has been approved.