exhibitor FAQ

I noticed a number of solo artists exhibiting independently, is Superfine! an artists-only fair? 

Superfine! welcomes applications from traditional galleries with artist-forward programs as well as artist collectives, artist-run galleries, and independent solo artists. Artist-forward is defined as featuring primarily living, working artists in a setting that encourages the artists' participation in the overall program. Our driving goal is to connect collectors with well-priced, well-curated artwork, and we welcome any exhibitor who fits these ethos. To ensure that exposure and artwork sales are spread evenly, we maintain a very tightly curated gallery program consisting of a maximum of 20-25 full-sized gallery booths per fair. Emerging or nomadic gallery programs may also apply for a 16' mini-booth.

I want to exhibit work priced higher than $10,000, can I do that?

To maintain a brisk art sales environment and encourage newer collectors, Superfine! maintains a very strict price cap of $10,000 per work, with 50% of artwork on display priced under $4,000. We do not allow any work to be exhibited in the fair priced higher than $10,000. However, if an exhibitor has larger works available out of the fair's price range, we encourage using iPads as a means of sharing your complete catalogue with collectors on site at the fair.

I'm an artist and I see that there's a preferred placement section on the application, am I guaranteed to get my first choice?

Superfine! is first and foremost a curated fair which means that no artist placements are final until final curatorial plans are received. However, in 90% of cases you will receive your first or second choice in placement within the fair. 

That said, the curated nature of the fair along with its relatively compact size drive collectors to explore all aisles and corners of the fair. When we say there's no bad spot, we really mean it!

I'd like to bring backup artwork with me, can I do that?

Live art storage is available on a limited basis at a reasonable fee at each Superfine! fair. Live art storage is also first come first serve, so if you think you'll need it we suggest applying early and indicating in your initial email approximately how much storage you'll need.

Please note: while we make every effort to secure storage areas, there are inherent risks in storing artwork anywhere and Superfine! does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged artwork. For this reason, we encourage exhibitors to consider keeping backup artwork in your hotel room, Airbnb, or gallery/studio (if the exhibitor is local) and change out artwork in the mornings before the fair opens, instead of storing it on site. Again, we also recommend bringing an iPad with a more complete catalogue of your work rather than incurring additional cost, labor, and stress by bringing too much extra work.

How will sold artwork be packaged and shipped to collectors?

There is a complimentary on-site packing and shipping station at each Superfine! fair where your sold work will be packaged, free of charge. Should collectors choose, they may also coordinate shipping at a reasonable rate.

I or my represented artists are creating work for the fair, do I still have to submit my images and curatorial plan in advance?

Both artwork images/info and a completed curatorial plan are integral to the success of an exhibition at Superfine! We set a date between 6-8 weeks before each fair when all materials are due and there are no exceptions. Having proper artwork imagery and information in hand allows our team to create your artwork tags, include your artwork in our online E-fair (which reaches thousands and results in additional sales), and ensure that your artwork has the opportunity to be featured in media outlets. A completed curatorial plan allows our curatorial team to weigh in on your exhibition and ensure that you'll gain the greatest possible benefit from exhibiting with Superfine! If you find yourself down to the wire and working on a piece, you may submit a high quality work-in-progress shot and all of the other relevant information. If the work is finished later, it is easy to switch a single image.

I want to be in Superfine!, how do I apply?

Simply navigate to the "Exhibit" page on our website and find the fair you're interested in applying for, click on the application, then click to download it (Safari users may also fill it out first on the website and then download it). Once completely filled out and signed, please e-mail your application to exhibit@superfine.world and someone from our Exhibitor Relations team will get back to you within 72 hours to let you know if it has been approved.