5 Easy Steps to Apply for Superfine! 2016


Read through the below FAQ for answers to common questions about Superfine!


Take a look at both floor plans below to view available exhibition space within the fair. The first floor plan breaks down space into linear wall segments. The second highlights wall placements that can be combined into booth spaces. Please note that all measurements are given in linear feet, the space you actually use for hanging. Both floor plans identify the same space, but represent two different ways of viewing it.


View the price guide to determine the pricing of your planned exhibition. We are committed to providing value to ALL of our exhibitors. Peruse "The Six Foot Wall Guide" for visual strategies to get more for less and maximize your space at Superfine!, even if you choose the smallest available exhibition size!


Take a few minutes to read through the exhibitor application and fill it out. You can either A) fill it out online then download your completed application to send or B) download the blank application and fill it out offline, then send the completed application.


Please send your application and 5 high resolution images of your artwork to exhibit@superfine.world with the subject line "EXHIBITOR NAME: Superfine! 2016 Application" and we will respond within five business days to notify you of your application status.



Inspired original artwork is an aesthetic necessity in the lives of everyone, not just a select few.


The strongest and most passionately created artwork should always be showcased.


Living artists deserve to make a living...so do those who champion them!


Superfine! is an environment designed to foster sales, where you have all of the tools at your disposal required to convert your passion into your livelihood.


The artwork we showcase is representative of a moment in time and the diverse shared experience of the body of artists showing with the fair. We focus on strong original artwork by living artists over commoditized and mass-produced art.