A Thriving Art Market Comes to the City of Angels

When we considered Los Angeles for our fourth Superfine! city, we delved deep into the city’s art culture. Constantly juxtaposing the freshest, most exciting talent in the entire world of new contemporary art with heavy-hitter galleries and some of the top museums in the country makes the City of Angels a gorgeous art landscape, and the perfect home for our next Superfine! fair.

Our job is to turn that energy into viability: we bring our approach, focused on an open, transparent, fair, and inclusive art market, to a city that has both the economics and the artistic clout to support a leading emerging art fair for many years to come. We’re extremely excited to provide that opportunity to both solo artists and galleries focused on top emerging talent from LA and beyond.

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*Download, fill out, and email completed application with 5 artwork examples to
**Fill out application online via DocuSign, then send 5 artwork examples to to complete application process.

Superfine! is coming...


“L.A.’s art scene is really unique because it’s a hub where both highbrow institutions and subculture arts communities have an equal platform, which creates a really exciting market for emerging artists and new collectors alike. I live and create my work here for those reasons, I also have my gallery Subliminal Projects in Echo Park (near downtown LA) where the driving principle is that art should be accessible to everyone and that art can come from many different perspectives and cultural niches.

While more art fairs make their way to the west coast, it’s refreshing to welcome Superfine! to the mix to create opportunities for emerging artists and collectors and make art fairs more approachable.”

- Shepard Fairey

A convenient drive from LA's other major Presidents' Day art fairs:


1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Tell me more about...


+ the fair

  • 30 galleries, 45 artists (75 total exhibitors)
  • Thursday 2/14/19 Vernissage Opening + 3 full days (Friday-Sunday 2/15 - 2/17)
  • Evening programming Thursday-Saturday, geared towards collector-building

+ the venue

  • Magic Box LA, downtown LA’s “unconventional convention center”, located at 1933 South Broadway Avenue.
  • 16,000+ square feet on the venue’s lower level, accessible by stairs or elevator from the building’s lobby.
  • 1,500+ on-site parking spaces / easily accessible by car or Uber for visitors

Who are my fellow exhibitors?

Artist Pavilion

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Our Emerge Platform offers solo artists exhibiting in a Superfine! city for the first time a low-cost option to show their artwork in a dynamic, sales-driven environment.

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Our most popular artist placement, the Elevate Platform offers solo artists from the Los Angeles area and around the globe more space to spread out and curate.

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Immerse is comprised of our largest artist-centric booths (16 linear feet) and gives more established solo artists room to showcase an immersive presentation (alternative wall treatments encouraged).

Gallery Pavilion

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10 galleries, curators, and collectives who form the wave of new contemporary art in Los Angeles. Focus on pop surrealism, refined street art, psychedelia, conceptual photography, and hyper-realism.

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9 national and global galleries presenting fresh, approachable, emerging art with various themes and styles ranging from Latin American art, street art, and other new contemporary forms.

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5 galleries and curated booths focused on original works on paper along with contemporary prints and multiples with an accessible price range from $100-$5,000 (a couple exceptions are fine!).

6 curated presentations focused on diversity in American artists and society, mainly African-American, indigenous, and Mexican/Latin American artists. Expressive political themes across a variety of media.

AUDIO/visual •••
••• VISUAL/audio

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Superfine! LA 2019 will host the debut of our AUDIO/visual and VISUAL/audio installation rooms, juxtaposing the intrinsically linked sensory experiences through digital media. Each ~600 square foot room will feature a single selected artist or curator focusing on one sensation while augmenting it with the other.


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*Download, fill out, and email completed application with 5 artwork examples to
**Fill out application online via DocuSign, then send 5 artwork examples to to complete application process.

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Fair Hours


THURSDAY 2.14.2019
6PM - 11AM | Valentine's Day Vernissage


FRIDAY 2.15.2019: 11AM - 10PM
SATURDAY 2.16.2019: 11AM - 10PM
SUNDAY 2.17.2019: 11AM - 8PM

Special Programs TBA Fall 2018

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