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You probably know Los Angeles as the home of the stars - where dreams take the silver screen. That’s no lie, the LA region’s entertainment industry accounts for nearly $56 billion in annual revenue. But did you also know that LA is a cultural mecca, with more than 100 museums, and a burgeoning tech scene to boot? Also, with more than 87,000 jobs, LA’s fashion industry beat out New York’s for the first time last year. Creative, affluent people in love with the weather, easy-going west coast attitude, and cultural capital that LA has become over the years are what make LA the perfect art collector melting pot — and our target audience.

Join us for Superfine! LA 2020 and build a collector network of Angelenos who love to support great art, and the artists and galleries behind it.

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Year Two: What’s New

Better Timing

Alignment with the dates of the LA Art Show = access to 60,000+ excited fairgoers just three minutes away

Better Marketing Mix

$50,000+ paid social media (best-targeted and highest-performing) ads combined with select local and global media partners

Better Program

Emphasis on LA-centric installation art, projects involving local and global artists that resonate with our primary audience.

Ready to apply?

Gallery + Solo Artist Applications Now Available

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“To achieve the goal of expanding ideas of what and who an art collector can be, Superfine! takes great care to balance the commercial with the curatorial.”

- Shana Nys Dambrot


“The Superfine! team really has true control over the power of curation, presentation, representation for their fair and collector base.”

- Stephanie Black


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