The Market

  • Highest median income in the United States ($93,294/household, 4 of the top 5 income counties in the country are in the DC metro area.)

  • Best educated city in the country, leads the nation in both bachelor’s degree holders (49.3%) and graduate degree holders (23%).

  • Center of the US government + 177 foreign embassies = global reach.

  • Highest buying power (income to cost of living ratio) of any city in the country: average individual disposable income of $58,000.

  • $599,000 average home price in 2017, up 5% from same time previous year.

  • Rapidly growing mass affluent ($100,000+/year) sector.

  • Highest LGBT+ population (~10%) in the nation = dual incomes + greater disposable wealth / spent on art, design, luxury goods.


And the art?

DC - City Symbols-04.png
  • Art conscious, educated cultural metro area boasting more than 200 museums + institutions.

  • Home to major collectors and new wealth alike = best aligned base for Superfine! model and price points.

  • No current art fair (yet!) but an art-hungry populous.