You should be selling more art.

If you’re a contemporary art gallery or emerging artist, and the statement above resonates, you’ve come to the right place. Innovative, professional artists and galleries should be selling more art, and that’s exactly why we created the Superfine! model.

Transparency and pricing consistency build buyer trust.

Superfine! maintains rigorous professional and curatorial standards. We break down barriers, creating a friendly, curated space that appeals to a new generation of art collectors who respond to a transparent, accessible, welcoming environment - not a snobby, dated VIP lounge.


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Level up, and meet the art market.

Give collectors what they want - access to you. Reasonably priced artist booths with financing options allow you to not only exhibit but actually sell your work, while interacting with galleries and industry professionals along with collectors.


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Reach the next generation of collectors.

Our collectors are younger, savvier, and have more disposable income than your typical fair attendee. Skewing age 30-45 with annual household incomes of $120k+, they appreciate your commitment to what’s new and fresh. Expect not only sales but long-term collectors that will stay loyal for years.

What Sets Us Apart

Superfine! is the smart fair. We take a strategic approach to collector growth and the curatorial process in each of our markets. Cutting edge digital marketing, top-tier social media, and collector-building programs in each of our cities make Superfine! the new standard for a new contemporary art fair.

An art market founded on transparency and accessibility appeals to not only art novices but dyed-in-the-wool collectors who’ve grown tired of the stuffy status quo. Deep demographic research, targeted marketing, and world-class PR show results in not only sales, but a loyal and trusting audience.

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The new art market is waiting.

Where would you like to meet it?


FEB 6 - 9, 2020


MAY 1 - 5, 2019


OCT 30 - NOV 3, 2019

Hear from our exhibitors.


"Superfine! is the absolute best art fair my gallery has had the opportunity to exhibit with. The fair goes above and beyond, creating an environment that has beautiful energy. It’s such an honor to be a small part of their creative endeavors."

- Nicole Capozzi, Director of BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA


Superfine! in the press.

(Superfine! NYC) subverts the typical fair, opting for a hyper-curated environment over stuffy warehouses.

- Hi-Fructose Magazine

"Based on clear art market trends, Superfine!, as a model, deserves a closer, more generous look"

- Quiet Lunch

"An increasingly impressive offering of social, artistic, and collecting opportunities"

- Art Zealous

Read up: the voice of Superfine! is the voice of the new art market.

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