The Real Reason Artists Sell Their Work at Art Fairs

Photo by  Mr TT  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mr TT on Unsplash

The contemporary art market is flooded with opportunities for emerging and seasoned artists to sell their work. There are large and established art fairs such as Frieze, Pulse, and The Armory Show, where artists are really only considered for the program if they are represented by a gallery – one that can afford a spot, no less. Then there’s the online route, where non-represented and often unconventional artists can sell directly to consumers via social media, their websites and more. 

With so many avenues to pursue, many artists turn to direct-to-collector fairs like Superfine! for building their networks, getting their work out there and making sales. Other than built-in marketing, premium locations and resources to draw from every step of the way, why are so many artists choosing to sell their work at direct-to-collector art fairs?

Photo by  bruce mars  on  Unsplash

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

  1. The profit is all yours. Just like our pricing model, Superfine! is all about transparency and support for independent artists. Since exhibitors pay an upfront fee to showcase their work in the fair, all subsequent profits belong 100% to the artist. 

  2. Leave the logistics to the experts. The last thing you need to be worrying about during a fair is where your spotlights are. Superfine! provides a rental program for lights and other display elements so you can focus on designing your best fair layout while spreading the news to your collector base.

  3. Setting artists up for success. With regularly scheduled blog content, webinars & sales seminars, social media support and guidance, Superfine sets artists up for success in order to launch their fine art careers to the next level. 

  4. Bucking convention – in the name of art. Worn down by the big fair model, many artists are discouraged by the potential to be grouped with others whose work combats with their own, where they’re lost in a crowd of mediocre curation and where the important things – like securing sales and building a collector base – are sacrificed in the name clout. Superfine! Creates an all-inclusive approach to art sales and community for maximum return and experience. We’re in it for the long term for you. 

  5. It’s a community thing. Like attracts like, and our hands-on, professional team creates a welcoming and supportive environment to help artists grow. 

More and more, artists are turning to direct-to-collector fairs like Superfine to sell their work and build communities. With an increasing number of fairs each year across the United States (and soon-coming, beyond!), Superfine! Provides the environment emerging and established artists alike seek to sell their art and turn their art income into their regular income. 

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