Queer Love at Superfine! LA

Holding Your Flower,  John Waiblinger

Holding Your Flower, John Waiblinger

From ancient Greek pottery to the contemporary work of artists like Mickalene Thomas, art has never been a stranger to Queer identity. Superfine! LA is no exception to the rule, with Queer love taking center stage (appropriately, perhaps, on Valentine’s Day).

Meet two Superfine! LA artists who are bringing some Queer love to the show. Pansy Ass Ceramics will debut an immersive, glittery, and witty modern interpretation of Roman Bacchanalia. And, artist John Waiblinger brings his pensive, beautiful work that portrays masculinity in a refreshingly vulnerable and romantic way.

-xoxo, Superfine!

John Waiblinger

Rock-Star , John Waiblinger

Rock-Star, John Waiblinger

In my art I explore the mystery of why I find some men so beautiful and so intriguing. The male gaze has a tendency to objectify, especially when it comes to desire. In my work I strive instead to move to a place of tenderness and a more femininely romantic view.

In a world where masculinity is often framed in terms of a chiseled hardness and brute strength, I chose to celebrate a softer vulnerability. I believe that it is critical to explore a deeper and more nuanced sense of how we see and present ourselves as men. I strongly believe that Queer Art should be an important component of such exploration, and that it should be beautiful as well.

Pansy Ass Ceramics

Pansy Ass Ceramics

Pansy Ass Ceramics

For Pansyland at Superfine! LA we wanted to harness the amorous tone of the show’s opening date of February 14th and create an immersive space inspired by the Roman bacchanalia. The Bacchanalia was a festival celebrating indulgence, sexuality and desire. The space we are creating will be a scintillating visual orgy of sparkles, blooms, treats, boys and yummy yummy pink. We will be blending classical motifs with our signature Pansy Ass themes.

In our day to day practice we work primarily in porcelain sculpture and we explore sexuality and queer culture through themes of temptation, desire and the camp aesthetic. For Pansyland we are creating a new body of work to help entice visitors to join us in our world and indulge in our desires.