Dream Caverns: Bringing Art and Fairy Tales to Life

If you’ve been to any of the past four Superfine! fairs, chances are you’ve had the honor of interacting with the costumed characters of Russian-born visual artist Veronika Rabinovich, creator of Dream Caverns. We took the time to get inside of her mind and learn more about what makes her - and her costumed coterie - tick, and why performance art and wearable sculpture are so vital to the art fair experience. Read on to learn more, and visit the Dream Caverns characters at Superfine! Miami Beach in just a few weeks.

Dream Caverns at Superfine! DC 2018

What does "Dream Caverns" mean?

Dream Caverns is a cave and laboratory of ideas, which stems from vivid dreams from childhood, listening to Russian and Eastern European fairy tales on records.

Do you consider yourself a performance artist, a visual artist, or both?

I consider myself both a visual and performance artist. What we call “wearable art”. Creating the costumes and choosing vintage fabrics is the visual aspect and tactile part. Bringing the characters to life is the art. Interacting with the viewers and other characters is the performance. One medium feeds off the other.

When and where did you get started with building the idea behind Dream Caverns?

I started this project over a decade ago. The idea of Dream Caverns stems from something deeper.

My message is giving a voice to people not heard and unraveling a road that is not paved, but making your road through creativity.

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Dream Caverns at Superfine! NYC 2018

How have the Dream Caverns characters evolved over the years?

I have made 15 and counting characters from this world. They get more complex in the ideas and functionality as the years go on… Also there is a secret mystery story of these characters that has not been unveiled yet.

One thing I love is how these characters seem to exist in their own universe. Did you create the universe first, and then the characters, or was it the other way around?

Yes, I created the universe first that had characters in paintings and drawings, and then I built the miniature puppets. From there I started to build the masks and costumes.

Are the characters a reflection of your own personality? Do you take the mindset of the character home with you?

Some of the characters are similar to my personality and others are embedded in my personality but not visible. I always take the character home with me, because I am constantly developing them and I am surrounded by them.

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Dream Caverns at Superfine! NYC 2017

Superfine! Miami 2017 Midnight Vernissage-1.jpg

Dream Caverns at Superfine! Miami 2017

Why is performance art so important to the art fair context?

Performance art which we call "wearable art" brings a spark to the room and ignites curious feelings from the viewer.

What's next, and what should we expect from Dream Caverns at Superfine! Miami Beach next month?

My newest creation is a spiritual healer that will make her first appearance at Superfine! Miami Beach.

Take a glimpse into Dream Caverns’ laboratory of ideas this December at Superfine! Miami Beach.

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