Sneak Peek: All The Awesome Things At Superfine! DC


Liberty Parade, Nathan Loda (Adah Rose Gallery, booth #36)

Superfine! DC opens in just a few days at Union Market with a spooktacular Masquerade Vernissage on Halloween night. Can’t wait? Neither can I. So I snuck into the E-Fair for a sneak peek of just some of the awesomeness that will be on display at Superfine! DC. Here are my top picks:


Camembert, Maggie Siner (Susan Calloway Gallery, booth #37)

Siner has an ethereal way with light. Also, dinosaurs and cheese both happen to be two of my favorite things. So what’s not to like?


Fallen, Gary Kret (Monochrome Collective, booth #39).

Sleek and chic but with a playful sense of folly, this sculpture embodies the spirit of the modern fairgoer to me. But I mean that in the best way.


Atlas, Kelly Moeykens (booth #16).

Category is: texture! DC native Kelly Moeykens combines salt, paper pulp, and ink to create a cartographer’s dream.


I Hope She’ll Be A Fool, Jaclyn Mottola (booth #22).

Did someone say Bauhaus? Mottola’s graphic paintings are a steal (starting at $150) and offer a comforting sense of structure to life’s everyday ups and downs.


Central Data Bureau, Michael Horsley (Gallery O on H, booth #47).

Horsley has been photographing DC since the 1980s, and his newest architectural portraits offer a welcome view of serenity in the capital city, despite today’s volatile political climate. They’re a quiet reminder that a solid foundation will outlast any administration.


Best Porn In Town, Fei Alexeli (booth #18)

It wouldn’t be Superfine! without something that is super fun. Fei Alexeli’s transportive collages offer a vibrant everyday escape to Vegas, Miami, or parts unknown.

See these exhibitors and 67 others on our online E-Fair or at Superfine! DC this week.