A Miami Art Week Virgin’s Guide to Getting Down


Everyone has their own method to handling Miami Art Week madness. From billionaire tycoons sending out staff to make multiple purchases at once to Miami Beach locals who book a hotel inland just to avoid it all. We rounded up our top 5 tips for making sure your first time at Art Week is also your best. 

Reserve Ahead

Go ahead and make your Art Week restaurant reservations now. Most of the best tables will be booked by mid-November. Standbys for the Superfine! Team include 27 at The Freehand for lunch, the Miami outpost of Upland, and the under-the-radar Via Emilia 9. Sunset cocktails served poolside on the Lido at The Standard also can’t be beat. Don’t fret too much about missing reservations because of traffic or changing plans. If you need to cancel last-minute, most restaurants will be more than happy to give your table away to someone else queued up at the door.


Network At The Bars, Not The Fairs

Some of the biggest art world deals and connections won’t happen on the fair floor, but at hot spots around town. Don’t miss out on the after-hours networking. Superfine! Co-Founder Alex Mitow has the inside scoop on Mac’s Club Deuce–a cult favorite among dive bars in South Beach. “Mac's Club Deuce is kind of an art fair hotspot. All the in-the-know galleries, artists, and art fair people go there to booze it up and swap stories, and then you can eat a delicious sandwich at La Sandwicherie afterward (turkey, prosciutto, and brie on a hot croissant with extra special sauce is the clear move.)” Sweet Liberty is another exceptional choice, albeit it a less divey one. Also, newcomer The Jim And Neesie at Generator is a low-key hideaway with amazing cocktails, and still under the radar enough for a casual, quiet libation. 

Do The Affordable Fairs First

If you’re a new collector, and on a budget, scope out the more affordable fairs first. You’ll have the best chance of securing your favorite pieces, and still have time after to wander through the main fair to gawk (and have sticker shock) at all the big ticket items. Attending a Vernissage is also a great way to get first dibs on the best finds. Superfine! hosts their Vernissage each year the night before the fair opens. This year it will be held on Dec. 5th from 7-11pm, you can snag tickets here. Beyond Superfine!, NADA, Satellite, and Art Gaysel all focus on emerging artists and more affordable price points.


Plan For A Little Zen 

Everyone feels the need to escape the crowds at some point during the week. The problem is, traffic is so bad sometimes you literally can’t. Though most attendees may be too busy to even notice, Miami Beach does have an amazing beach, conveniently located steps away from all the fairs, and it’s our favorite way to start each day.  Alex says, “I personally like to start every day in Miami Beach by jumping in the ocean. It clears whatever stresses and toxins I've accrued from the day (or night!) before and leaves me with a fresh perspective on the new day. Even in the midst of producing a huge event and dealing with thousands of people, it's important to take that time to regroup.” Flamingo Park at the center of Miami Beach is also an easy and accessible locals’ escape, as it’s central to all the fairs but just far enough away to escape the madness.

Stay Beyond The Fairs

If you can, stay an extra day after the week comes to a close on Sunday. Miami Beach almost immediately empties out and hotel rates drop. It’ll give you a day to see some of the great art that’s always in Miami on the walls of Wynwood or at the The Bass which recently re-opened (pro tip: Superfine! Collectors’ Society members get free admission - and a nifty tote bag if you sign up as a member! - during Art Week). Plus, you’ll miss the mad dash at MIA as private jets and commercial flights vie for runway space.


Worried about missing out on all of the Miami Art Week buzz and bustle?