A Superfine! View of The Art World + The Real World

Galleries: A Timeless Establishment Amidst Changing Times

Traditionally, galleries have been the gatekeepers of the art world, a bastion of quality control standing between the public and a bevy of artists at various stages in their career. We think that with the proliferation of mega-fairs and their associated costs, it’s become harder for galleries to focus on what they believe in and stay true to their ideals. This has led to both uncertain markets for emerging artists and a level of exclusivity that keeps potential buyers and patrons at an arm’s length.


A Fair Proposal

Superfine! represents a correction of this model. We are a fair that focuses on affordable work, but that’s not what defines us. We feel that at its core, the art fair is a place of discovery for collectors and art appreciators — and for galleries and artists, a place to meet those who might appreciate their work and support their careers. By maintaining a price cap, we encourage emerging + established galleries, emerging artists, and emerging collectors all at the same time, while providing veteran collectors with opportunities to interact with works by artists new to them at price points friendly enough to encourage them to begin to take interest and collect their work.


The Work on the Walls

At the core of an art fair’s success is the strength and passion of the actual artwork on the walls and pedestals. At Superfine! galleries and artists are able to show the work that’s most authentic to their guiding vision. Encouraged by lower overhead costs, there becomes a lesser need to sell out and display typical fair fare in the vein of knockoff Cambell’s soup cans and the like. Instead, the work you’ll see at Superfine! feels challenging and exciting, and discovering it makes the art experience enjoyable again.

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A Unique Position

Superfine! is unique among mainstream art fairs in two ways. One, Superfine! is a curated art fair that takes a personal approach to each and every applicant and exhibitor. We limit each of our fairs to around 50 exhibitors in total in order to maintain this level of quality control, and allow us to expand to new and compelling markets each year. The second defining characteristic of Superfine! is that along with a selection of the world’s best emerging art galleries, we also allow artist applicants to exhibit within the fair on their own solo walls. Within each edition of Superfine! there are a fixed number of artist placements reserved for those artists who believe passionately enough in their work to invest in showcasing it alongside established galleries in a setting that draws in thousands of seriously interested pairs of eyes, from art collectors to museum and institution officials to excited young professionals ready to begin their own collections. Ultimately, both defining aspects of the fair create a win-win- win situation — galleries build their collector base and align with fresh, well-vetted talent, artists make connections and gain collectors in a legitimate art fair setting, and collectors are able to interact with both passionate dealers and the artists themselves.


Art World, Meet the Real World; Real World, Meet the Art World

With each edition of Superfine!, we’re building a bridge between those who make their livings from art (and dedicate their lives to it) and those whose appreciation of the work leads to brisk sales and ultimately sustainability for our exhibitors. Our goal is to build a committed internal collector base while also providing an accessible means for art lovers to cross the bridge from appreciation to patronage and collectorship. Beyond simply introducing aspiring collectors to artists and work that strikes them, we also work hard to educate all of the eager minds passing through our doors. Whether it be familiarizing a long-time art collector with the work of a young emerging artist through a studio tour, or inspiring a panel discussion audience by highlighting the intrinsic rewards of building an original art collection, Superfine! constantly strives to embolden our patrons through a more complete understanding of the art we showcase, and its context.


More Than Just an Art Fair

Beyond the walls and dates of our three main fairs, Superfine! operates on a year-round basis fostering connections between art world operators and the public that supports them. With a dual home base of Miami and New York, and a satellite in Mexico City, our team creates programming that gives our exhibiting galleries and artists the opportunity to meet collectors and institutions on their home turf. We schedule private studio tours, host dinner parties within galleries and other unusual settings, and develop neighborhood-wide initiatives (see Little River’s Night of Light) which create visibility for all manner of art institutions. Our Collectors’ Society provides a means for the most supportive members of our community to continually connect with new artists and galleries throughout the year.